A DIY changing pad!

We are preparing to fly out with the little goose again, and one thing that I was dreading was the airport and general public diaper changing stations.Now that my little goose is 16 months old, I knew that there was no way the diaper changing pads that I currently own would provide enough coverage. I’m not a major “germaphobe” by any means, but I just think there are some germs that you should stay away from. In my despair, I remembered a DIY tutorial that I had found on Pinterest several months ago (Don’t you just LOVE Pinterest!?!?) So I linked back to a great blog here showing how to make a roll up diaper changing pad from a vinyl table cloth. I was inspired! Instead of making mine a circle, I used a changing pad that I already had and altered it. It was rectangular, so I had to make my own pattern….what a pain in the neck that was. First time I’ve EVER patterned, so I guess I should say that the journey was difficult, but the end result was wonderful. Way to be positive, right? 🙂

so lets begin:

here you can see my makeshift pattern. I used cardstock paper that I taped together and traced out 4″ all around from my original changing pad. I cut this out 2x from the table cloth for the base of the changing pad. (I know, I know, I’m SOOOO fancy, but don’t worry, you can be successful with just about any material you have at home 😉 )Image

Next is my diaper pocket/top piece that I simply came in 6″ from the edge of my first pattern piece (sorry, I CLEARLY don’t know what the proper names of these pieces are, or if there are any, so my apologies if my lack of propriety offends you) and cut out the center. I ran out of cardstock, so some lovely used tissue paper came into play. Image

I then sewed the 2 full pieces together, then I sewed on the original diaper changing pad to the “base” piece, put the bias tape on the inside trim of the frame/pocket, sewed the top frame/pocket piece to the base, then sewed the two pockets, per the original pattern (see link in first paragraph) which is basically just sewing 4″ in so that your diaper pad has a look of three panels to it. Then I added the bias tape to the trim of the outside of the completed changing pad. I also added a hair tie/ponytail holder to it and a button so secure the closure. There are different ways of accomplishing this, but since I completely forgot that I needed to include this when planning it all out (duh!) I had to improvise the best way possible. I know it sounds tricky, but please, follow the original link for a much more clearly outlined instruction detail. As previously mentioned…..I am a mere novice. Anyway, here are the completed project pictures for your enjoyment. My apologies for my lack of instructional pictures…..I really didn’t think it was going to come out. 🙂

here is the completed “back” of the changing pad.Image

and here is the completed “front” you can see the original diaper pad in the center…the plain brown bit…Image

Here you can see the diaper pocket. and yes, it rolls up very nicely with the diapers in there. I would recommend a malleable pack of wipes for this as well. Those small travel size ones in the plastic bag packaging? yeah, those are great for this! Image

Here it is with both sides folded in towards the center before being rolled up.


and lastly, here it is with the botton and hair tie closure secured. Image

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed this, and if you make it too or post on your blog about it, please share a link in the comments so I can see what you did with it! 🙂


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