Homemade body spritz!

Finally, a nice, simple body spray recipe! http://sincerelywhitney.com/2013/03/12/organic-living-body-mist-diy/


Coconut face scrub

As part of my change to going all natural, one of the ardent things for me to give up has been my god-only-knows-what’s-in-it face cleaner. I mean, come in, a girls face is nothing to mess with, but at long last, I will link you here to check out my absolutely favorite all natural face scrub! Trust me, the coconut oil really doesn’t cause horrific side effects (like clogged pores) but instead it is the perfect combination to clean and get the benefit of the coconut oil! And swear my fine lines are somehow getting “filled” in the process too!


photo 2

recently ive been dabbling in organic living- whether it be cleaning organically or making my own all-natural beauty products. ive always admired people who lived strictly organic and natural lives but i didnt think it was something that would be so easily adopted into my own life, especially because of the cost of buying anything labeled “organic” is astronomical. but after talking with so many friends and doing my own bit of research, i eagerly and quickly learned that this could be an extremely easy transition- and even better- that living organically could be done essentially cost free to me! im looking forward to sharing all of the new organic lifestyle changes ive made but even more so, i would LOVE to hear any tips, advice or thoughts that YOU have for me. please…share away!

my very first project is an organic coconut oil face scrub. its ok. i know…

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