a charity, some wool, and a good idea

Earlier this month a friend of mine announced that she would be holding an auction online to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society 5k run that she is doing next month and asked if anyone had anything they would like to donate. My heart said: but ofcourse!! my brain said: are you nuts? HOW are you going to find time to do this one?? But, where there is a will, there is a way, and by Jove I knitted up a matching hat and scarf set! Using some bulky wool that I picked up a couple of years ago at my LYS when I was asked to make a bunch of cowls for a friend, which I did, but I had a LOT left over as she only wanted so many of each color. I used the pattern for the shroom hat on Knitty.com and then after much trial and error I did up a scarf using the same k,p,yo, that the shroom pattern used, and I am happy to say that it came out much better than I expected (mind you this has nothing to do with my lack of faith in the pattern, more so my lack of confidence in my knitting). I was just thrilled that I was actually able to not muss something up to the point that it was even worthy of being donated for such a worthy cause, and dare I say…perfect? For the first time (I think ever) in my two years on this knitting journey, I didn’t miss a stitch, drop a stitch or miss my count throughout not one, but TWO projects! This is a thing of total bliss for me. And to top it all off, I am also, for the first time properly blocking something! I am positively thrilled beyond belief by these, albeit viewed by most as miniscule, accomplishments. It’s things like this that allow me to put back on my rose-colored glasses, if only for a day, and live a day on the absolute bliss that comes from creating something, and creating it ideally perfect. Aside from dd, whom I am honored that something so amazingly perfect calls me “mom”, this is a first for me. And today is a good day. Happy journeys to you, whatever they may be, and may you have a journey so ideal that you get to put on your rose-colored glasses too!


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