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I happened across this old blog from 2011 that touches on something that I have thought about time and time again. Being friends with your child. One person in the comments states my thoughts perfectly, that there is a difference between being friends and being approval seeking. There was also the comment about the bizarre expectation of society that we should only be friends with peers in our age group. I never meshed with that, but I was told I was odd bc I preferred older friends, which never made sense to me. Just do yourself a favor and take two minutes to read it through.


You made Avocado….WHAT?!?!

So last weekend i bought a giant bunch of beautiful beets at the farmers market. i came home, admired them, then i realized i had NEVER made anything EVER using beets. I was beside myself. I know that my parents used to make pickled beets, and picked eggs, and just plain boiled beets, but none of these options appealed to me. Finally last night I remembered that a friend of mine raved about her beet curry, and how even her kiddos loved it. I figured it was worth a shot. Let me just say this is not a recipe for those who like an easy in and out sort of recipe (like me!) between the peeling, grating, peeling (onions this time) and chopping (tomatoes) and the dirty dishes and beet juice that just seemed to get all over everything, I was in the kitchen all night. Anyway, the point of sharing this is that I got the genius idea to reserve some of that lovely beet purply-red color and I will be using it to naturally dye some Easter eggs! Once I find out more info, I may even save it for food coloring throughout the year. I’m curious if freezing would be a good method of preserving it, as I don’t do much food coloring normally. I know that I will use some for Easter eggs, some I will use as a natural dye for babies homemade finger paint, but I’m sure I will have some left over even after that. Hopefully I can update you soon on this endeavor.

Anyway, the purpose of today’s blog is to share with you a new yummy recipe that I found on Pinterest and have been hesitant to try. Avocado Brownies. This is not a new concept, I have seen avocado sweet potato brownie recipes several times and various versions of avocado brownies, but I really liked the “layout” of this one, as it was closely related to a regular brownie recipe and I wouldn’t have to veer that far out of my comfort zone. This is the recipe I found on Pinterest originally, but my modifications were as follows: I wasn’t totally comfortable with a whole cup of sugar, so I used 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup stevia for baking. I also didn’t have avocado oil so I used 2 tbsp. almond oil and 1 tbsp coconut oil. It turned out VERY nicely. I also didn’t use the icing. I just wanted a nice plain brownie that I really felt I could fool people (including myself) with. If I could have done anything different, it would have been to more thoroughly mash the avocado in step 1. I get the occasional speck of green every now and then, which I don’t mind, but it takes away from the illusion, so if you are giving them to particularly persnickety kids or husbands, they may only buy until the first green sighting. Anyway, pictures! You’ll have to forgive me, as we had already dipped in before I thought to take any, and it was dark out, so I didn’t even have good lighting. But alas, I share with you the ooey gooey chocolatey yumminess.:)


Don’t you just love our zig-zaggy cuts? Lol. Clearly convention was just tossed out the window with this one.
Oh! I almost forgot, these would be GREAT fun for St. Patrick’s day! And the green chunks would probably even be acceptable by the family. 🙂
Have a good weekend!

Boo-boo’s happen

My darling baby Z decided to randomly conk daddy in the forehead with her upper lip. This did not end well for either party involved. Baby is crying, daddy feels guilty , then baby starts bleeding, and I never saw a grown man turn white so fast in my life. However, being the clever momma that I am (sometimes) I applied pressure and ice as best as I could on my wriggling, head turning tot, then decided it was time to head to the nurses station, aka….the kitchen. My initial thought was applying turmeric, but that was luckily only for a hairsplit of a second on my walk to the kitchen, and by the time I reached the kitchen, I had muddled through my brain and decided on honey. Local, raw, organic honey to be precise. Several things drew me to this conclusion. First, was a recollection of the time my dear baby Z decided to face plant a chair leg around 7 months old. I absolutely panicked. We weren’t home, we were at a friends house for a dinner party, and I had left my precious baby with a friends older teenage daughter while I went to grab a cup of tea. The cup wasn’t even full when I heard the cry, and recognized it right away. I was there in a dash (later I was told that my response time was rather remarkable actually) and quickly picked up my screaming in pain baby and was, as previously mentioned, panicked, and began calling out for my dear friend whose opinion I trusted completely, at that time more than ever, as all sense of first aid training had completely left me. Yes, this was a terrible time for that to happen, but that is reality. Anyway, my friend dipped her finger in sugar and stuck it in my daughters mouth. This was to stop the bleeding and distract all in one fell swoop, she was kind enough to explain. Upon research later on, I discovered that the sugar really doesn’t do anything other than the distraction part. The medical side of it was a bit of an old wives tale. But at the time it happened, she was my hero,and I will eternally be grateful for her help in my absolute moment of need.
Now, my second reasoning was that I had already used honey as a salve on cuts, burns and infections with amazing results, so I figured it was worth a shot. I had my husband place my once again crying and bleeding tot on the counter and dipped my finger in honey and applied. She almost immediately stopped crying, and the bleeding stopped immediately too (which I didn’t expect, but it was a nice surprise). I applied it like this maybe 4-5 times, and she was calm and ready to just snuggle and forget the whole incident. This was not to be. She tried falling asleep, but she uses a dummy (a habit I’m working at breaking. Ironically enough, this was the night I was going to try putting her to sleep WITHOUT using the dummy, but I figured such a harrowing experience earned a last night with her source of comfort) as it turns out, the dummy(aka a Pacifier) only caused to rub her new injury leading to another round of crying (luckily no bleeding) so I left hubby to sooth her while I went back to the honey, dipped out a tablespoon into a small jar, and proceeded to add about 3 drops of tea tree oil to it, gave it a good mix with the spoon,and apply to the lip again. This time we had definite success, as she soon fell asleep (again with the dummy)and stayed asleep. I’m happy to report that there have been no incidents since, and the lip, despite its misfortune, is not even the slightest bit swollen. However, I did keep her foods rather soft today just to be safe. Also, a bit later after the incident occurred and she was sound asleep, I remembered the newly frozen strawberries that were sitting in my freezer that would have made a great “ice pack” that she might have actually kept in long enough to have any effect. I’ll have to remember that for next time. God forbid.

So, to recap:
If your child is over one year of age, and you are comfortable giving honey, then by all means, when the next split lip occurs, and your determined that everything saying that there’s nothing you can do for your child in these circumstances, must be wrong, don’t be afraid to apply a little bit of honey. You should always use local honey, because of the benefits listed here , and here , and here …….you get the picture. Do a google search. The Internet is a great tool, and knowledge is power.

Anyway, that’s all for today! Cheers!

P.s. there has to be a comical honey boo boo reference in here somewhere, but I can’t put it together. And for the record, no, I don’t watch that show.

Two weeks of flowers

Today’s post is a little change of pace from my norm. It’s about marriage. Sort of.

A few weeks ago, I started a challenge with an online group that I am part of called The Orange Rhino Challenge. It is a self challenge to not yell for 365 days, yep, a whole year. Without yelling. I’ll wait for you to stop giggling and/or scoffing, but hear me out. First of all, it can be applied to only yelling at your kids, or not yelling in this case, but we are kicking it up a notch, and including no yelling at your spouse, too. Yep, thats right, no yelling at the person who doesn’t know how to change the toilet paper roll, the paper towel roll, a dirty diaper, or wash a dish, complains when your food isn’t up to par with what grandma used to make, and if the house isn’t clean the way “he” likes it, and lets not forget the one who will call you from three rooms away to hand them something two inches out of their reach, or complains when your only tv show is taking away his tv time because the DVR only records two at a time, and he’s already recording something else…. yep. thats the one. no yelling.
Now, secondly, the point of the challenge isn’t to see who the biggest liar is by saying they went a whole year without yelling, but instead is a challenge to be self aware when you do. It’s surprising how, when faced with the challenge you catch yourself getting ready to yell for absolutely no reason, ok, maybe not no reason, but it certainly isn’t really necessary? I will interject here by saying that my favorite variation of the yell is the creepy wild-eyed whisper. Its loads more effective and my vocal chords don’t hurt. Plus, I get to feel like a Sith Lord. Always a fun bonus. Additionally, it helps to keep things from escalating to a scream match where everyone is angry and no one is listening. It’s amazing for the blood pressure too (most of the time).
If you’ve ever reacted badly to a situation,as an instinctual reaction just jumped out, only to have to tuck your tail between your legs later and go back and apologize for losing it? Or blame it on PMS and the lack of dark chocolate available in the house? Well, this self-check helps to limit those moments. Just read up on it, and give it a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Thirdly, when you “mess up” and yell, you have to start back at “Day 1” and begin your count again. Naturally, as the year progresses, I’m sure most of us won’t have a clue to where we stand in lieu of the numbers, but we will all, or most of us (hopefully) gained a better understanding about what sets us off, and how to catch it, and how to live our lives with our families without having to yell. In reality, who WANTS to yell? I don’t think anyone does, not really. Now before you go all crazy on me about it, and don’t bother with reading the actual challenge page, you are, of course allowed to yell in order to keep your child from taking a nose dive off the sofa onto the hardwood floor.

Anyway, that’s all on the challenge for now, I hope to update you as the year progresses, and hopefully I will be doing well (FX!) So far I haven’t has to do a reset, for the record, and i believe my start day was Feb. 6, 2013. I’ll double check and get back to you. Now onto my flowers……

Me and the Mister have been together for almost 14 years, and he has surprised me with non-holiday flowers maybe twice in that time, and that was in the early years. However, the past two weeks I have been the very happy recipient of some lovely daisies and other flowers that I can’t identify, as I am botanically defunct, unlike most women, who can prattle off 50 species of rhododendron at the drop of a hat. I would like to also mention that the flowers have only occurred since I started the above mentioned challenge, and no, my Mister hasn’t a clue that such a challenge even exists, much less that I am a willing participant. He’s just reaping the benefits. Now let me first say, that I am not one who demands flowers, ever, for any purpose. I agree, to some extent, with the schools of thought that think its immoral to destroy something beautiful and remove it from nature just to have something decorative sit around in stagnant water and wilt only to be thrown in the trash, and the waste of money, etc., etc. However, being that my beloved husband took the time to think of me and show me a romantic gesture, I will treasure those flowers every day that I sit down to a meal with my family and get to enjoy the lovely centerpiece and all that it represents, even if only for the guaranteed 4 days.

This weeks flowers

Update: My start date was February 14, I have to chuckle, because, as Mister and I decided to keep low key with Valentines day this year, I honestly didn’t realize that it was my OR Challenge start date. Oh, and I did get flowers for Valentines Day, so I guess it’s 3 weeks of flowers. 😉

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