Two weeks of flowers

Today’s post is a little change of pace from my norm. It’s about marriage. Sort of.

A few weeks ago, I started a challenge with an online group that I am part of called The Orange Rhino Challenge. It is a self challenge to not yell for 365 days, yep, a whole year. Without yelling. I’ll wait for you to stop giggling and/or scoffing, but hear me out. First of all, it can be applied to only yelling at your kids, or not yelling in this case, but we are kicking it up a notch, and including no yelling at your spouse, too. Yep, thats right, no yelling at the person who doesn’t know how to change the toilet paper roll, the paper towel roll, a dirty diaper, or wash a dish, complains when your food isn’t up to par with what grandma used to make, and if the house isn’t clean the way “he” likes it, and lets not forget the one who will call you from three rooms away to hand them something two inches out of their reach, or complains when your only tv show is taking away his tv time because the DVR only records two at a time, and he’s already recording something else…. yep. thats the one. no yelling.
Now, secondly, the point of the challenge isn’t to see who the biggest liar is by saying they went a whole year without yelling, but instead is a challenge to be self aware when you do. It’s surprising how, when faced with the challenge you catch yourself getting ready to yell for absolutely no reason, ok, maybe not no reason, but it certainly isn’t really necessary? I will interject here by saying that my favorite variation of the yell is the creepy wild-eyed whisper. Its loads more effective and my vocal chords don’t hurt. Plus, I get to feel like a Sith Lord. Always a fun bonus. Additionally, it helps to keep things from escalating to a scream match where everyone is angry and no one is listening. It’s amazing for the blood pressure too (most of the time).
If you’ve ever reacted badly to a situation,as an instinctual reaction just jumped out, only to have to tuck your tail between your legs later and go back and apologize for losing it? Or blame it on PMS and the lack of dark chocolate available in the house? Well, this self-check helps to limit those moments. Just read up on it, and give it a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Thirdly, when you “mess up” and yell, you have to start back at “Day 1” and begin your count again. Naturally, as the year progresses, I’m sure most of us won’t have a clue to where we stand in lieu of the numbers, but we will all, or most of us (hopefully) gained a better understanding about what sets us off, and how to catch it, and how to live our lives with our families without having to yell. In reality, who WANTS to yell? I don’t think anyone does, not really. Now before you go all crazy on me about it, and don’t bother with reading the actual challenge page, you are, of course allowed to yell in order to keep your child from taking a nose dive off the sofa onto the hardwood floor.

Anyway, that’s all on the challenge for now, I hope to update you as the year progresses, and hopefully I will be doing well (FX!) So far I haven’t has to do a reset, for the record, and i believe my start day was Feb. 6, 2013. I’ll double check and get back to you. Now onto my flowers……

Me and the Mister have been together for almost 14 years, and he has surprised me with non-holiday flowers maybe twice in that time, and that was in the early years. However, the past two weeks I have been the very happy recipient of some lovely daisies and other flowers that I can’t identify, as I am botanically defunct, unlike most women, who can prattle off 50 species of rhododendron at the drop of a hat. I would like to also mention that the flowers have only occurred since I started the above mentioned challenge, and no, my Mister hasn’t a clue that such a challenge even exists, much less that I am a willing participant. He’s just reaping the benefits. Now let me first say, that I am not one who demands flowers, ever, for any purpose. I agree, to some extent, with the schools of thought that think its immoral to destroy something beautiful and remove it from nature just to have something decorative sit around in stagnant water and wilt only to be thrown in the trash, and the waste of money, etc., etc. However, being that my beloved husband took the time to think of me and show me a romantic gesture, I will treasure those flowers every day that I sit down to a meal with my family and get to enjoy the lovely centerpiece and all that it represents, even if only for the guaranteed 4 days.

This weeks flowers

Update: My start date was February 14, I have to chuckle, because, as Mister and I decided to keep low key with Valentines day this year, I honestly didn’t realize that it was my OR Challenge start date. Oh, and I did get flowers for Valentines Day, so I guess it’s 3 weeks of flowers. 😉


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    Mar 04, 2013 @ 06:48:49



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