Time for a revamp

So I feel, after some “friend pressure”, that I should add another category of topics to my blog (not that I have much here, but I digress). Healthy baby food options. I am the proud mum to a 1 yr old slightly tomboyish little girl who, like her beloved mum (that’s me!) enjoys food. And not always the healthiest ones. What a dull world it would be if we all just absolutely adored Brussels sprouts, am I right? (I would like to interject here by saying that I do in fact love Brussels sprouts, I mean- they’re miniature cabbages! Anything in “mini” form is okay by me. Much preferred actually) Any-whoo, I, like many moms, do not like to feel that we are depriving our children of those yummy delicious treats that our non-health based friends kids are enjoying! Oh how I hate the judgmental glances and poorly hidden insults by some people! Yes, my child is a year old and has NOT had a doughnut, or hole of said doughnut, a cheeseburger, nuggets of any sort, cake from a grocery store or bakery, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Therefore, I will be featuring a health-based foodie recipe for the munchkins in our lives on a regular basis, as well as provide information regarding children’s health in general. I’m not going to turn into strictly child based though! I’m FAR too “something shiney!” for that kind of nonsense. This just adds something to the mix!


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